Expert advises on early treatment of rhinitis

Dr. Omoye Osawende, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Best End Hospital Benin, Edo has advised Nigerians against living with untreated cases of rhinitis, saying it could lead to greater complications.

Osawende disclosed this in an interview with  Newsmen in Benin on Friday.

She defined rhinitis as “Irritation and swelling of the mucous membrane in the nose” which could be prevented through early treatment.

Omoye said non-allergic rhinitis could affect children and adults, but was more common after age 20.

“Triggers of non-allergic rhinitis symptoms vary and can include certain odours or irritants in the air, changes in the weather, some medications, certain foods and chronic health conditions.

“If you have non-allergic rhinitis, you probably have symptoms that come and go year-round.

“You may have constant symptoms, or symptoms that last only a short time,” she said.

The physician said the symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis included: Stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, mucus (phlegm) in the throat (postnasal drip) and cough.

She added said that with the application of appropriate medical care, such as medicines, complications could be avoided.

Omoye said the exact cause of non-allergic rhinitis remained unknown, but anyone with such symptoms should not hesitate to see a medical doctor.




















































Source: NAN

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