Having fibroid are pretty common for women to get. It is one of those kinds of things that no woman wants to get, but plenty of us do. Women usually get uterine fibroid on their muscular wall of their uterus. Can you imagine having something as big as a grapefruit growing in your uterus that is not a baby? Some fibroid actually grow that big. Although they can be a size of a piece of corn, or you can even have more than one fibroid grouped together. That is why it is important to know the signs and symptoms of having a fibroid so you can get the proper medical treatment.



The first sign that a woman usually knows that something is wrong is when her menstrual flow gets heavier than usual. Not only can your menstrual cycle get heavier when you have a fibroid, but your menstrual cycle can last longer than usual too. Plus, it can come off menstrual schedule which can be a real hassle if you are the sort of woman who always keeps track of her menstrual flow cycle. So, if you are worried that you have a fibroid keep track of your menstrual cycle because that is one of the first signs that you may have one. A heavier period may mean that something is wrong with your body. So pay attention to your menstrual flow. Heavier periods may mean that something is wrong, and you may need to go see your gynecologist.



Another sign of having a fibroid is having back pain. The pain in your back is not usually widespread. It is usually just in your lower back. So take it easy if you are having back pain. Do not overdo physical activities because it could make your back feel worse. Put your feet up, and enjoy some relaxing activities instead until your back starts to feel better. A heating pad when used correctly may also help ease your back pain.



If you are noticing some issues when you go to the bathroom, you may have fibroid. Having fibroid are no fun because they can really mess up your bowel movements. Grab a book to read when you go to the bathroom because you may have constipation. Also be prepared to run to the bathroom right away if you have fibroid. Sometimes fibroid make you have to urinate frequently. Having fibroid is almost like running to the bathroom all the time when you are pregnant. Always be near a bathroom if you are suffering from frequent urination.



You know how you can get that bloated feeling when you have your period and it can sometimes be painful? That is the kind of abdominal pain you can get when you have a fibroid. Your belly kind of feels super full. You feel uncomfortable in your abdominal area. Your abdominal area just feels yucky, and all you want to do is settle down on the couch for awhile until you feel better again. That is a sign you might have a fibroid especially if you are not actually having your period.



There is a time when you actually have to be really worried that you have abdominal pain. This is when your pain in your abdomen comes on suddenly. When it feels like a sharp stabbing pain in your abdomen you may have a serious issue. Sometimes a fibroid has a stalk growing out of it. This stalk can become twisted. When this happens it cuts off the blood supply, and you have to have emergency surgery to fix it. That is why if you think you might be suffering from fibroid you should seek medical attention from your doctor right away.


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