Akhona MusuU, South Africa’s Leading Fashion Designer

Akhona MusuU, South Africa’s Leading Fashion Designer

“…The Fahuak brand rediscovers your image; style, class and elegance. That’s what makes us special.”

Recently your darling Supreme magazine closed-in on Akhona MusuU, one of South Africa’s leading fashion designer and CEO, Fahuak Haute Couture, owners of the Fahuak Collections. Surprising to many, this young female CEO and ever busy fashion doctor who runs the multi-million Dollar fashion line – FAHUAK, and rarely grant interviews to media organizations was able to break her media policy as she unveils her world to Supreme. Her reason being that Supreme magazine is purely promoting African designers through her Port Harcourt Fashion Show, organized annually, which also provides the platform for models and designers to excel globally.


In this interview, she reveals her business strategy, secrets and success tips on how the must talked about FAHUAK brand became a household name amongst top celebrities and high profile personalities, not also neglecting her major buying power – the lower and medium class. We enjoin you to be a part of her success by reading this exclusive interview only available to Supreme magazine.


 Can we meet you?

Of course we can meet; if we can set the date and the time. (…laughs on a lighter note). I am Akhona MusuU, the brain behind the Fahuak Collections. I hail from East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

 How long has your Fashion label been in existence?

I started the business in 2002, with two (2) fashion studios in Cape Town shortly upon completing my fashion designing course at a Brazilian owned Haute Couture School of Fashion, Cape Town, South Africa.

What makes the Fahuak brand special?

Well we don’t just design collections and make them available to our clients but we further help to image you and your lifestyle consistently. If you can agree with me, we all know image is everything. It’s what we see; what we decide upon and what we are judged upon by our community, especially around the business world. The Fahuak brand rediscovers your image, style, class and elegance. That’s what makes our brand special.



 What are your ranges of collections?

The Fahuak collection ranges from wedding gown, evening wear, cocktail dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, specialized hats and furniture for events.

On a recent visit to your one of your outlets, we realized that you have ventured into manufacturing of ladies bags and shoes. How did it all start?

We have been travelling the world and the one thing that inspired us was that most African fear to put their signature next to their craft; so it was the need to be part of the change so we began to search for the best leather and finishes that the world has to offer so that our shoes & bags can be produced from the best quality and that’s how our shoe and bag range started. And we feel happy and proud to display our label on our collections. Though initially it was difficult, but I am so glad that our creativity is paying off.

Are there plans to start producing Bags and Shoes for men?

Yes of course! In fact, we do have a section for men. But presently we only create shoes for men. Bags are likely to come in the near future.

How do you stay up to date with trend and Ideas?

Really fashion is in me and all around me so sometimes I feel the trends needs to stay up to date with me.  My passion and love together with my world travels are my eye opener to a wide variety of beautiful cultures that inspires me. Hence, I apply most of those trends to my designs and collections.

I also attend top fashion shows globally. This also inspires and motivates fresh ideas in me and helps me to ensure my clients and buyers are kept up to date. This keeps me on top of my game.

Recently you organized a fashion event tagged “Fashion Doctor” can you shed more light on what the event was all about?

Fashion Doctor was about the hustles that our people encounter due to our wide variety of shapes and sizes; so we aimed to solve the hustles by having fashion gurus come together and help to ease the stress that some persons experience when it comes to image and lifestyle. So we basically offered free ideas on how to image according to your size, shape and dressing appropriate for different occasion. And how to theme your events; weddings, parties. e.t.c

In your view, what are the key challenges facing the fashion business?

African Designers are not creating enough and this left a huge section of the market relying too much on the Asian and Western world who get their raw materials from Africa. And I feel change needs to happen; it’s time for us to acknowledge the gold mine we are living in and take a step towards changing the face of the world by inventing /creating more.

Any suggestion on ways to improve them?

I believe if more confidence and information can be installed within our nation to believe that we can do all things we set our minds to achieve. We are the Africa that the whole world looks up to. It’s high time we recognize our resources and make a change to produce more.

 What does the future hold for your Brand?

Future is definitely limitless; we aim to be a household name that ventures in wide and broad business ventures. Fahuak haute couture is not just a fashion brand but a lifestyle change. That the world will come to recognize and respect in the near future.

Any advice to youths interested in the Fashion Business?

Be passionate about life and creative.  Never be blinded by the glamour that fashion portrays.  It’s hard work and determination that sets you apart. So you must have the passion and love for work to achieve an enviable height.


 Your fans across the Globe and in South Africa hopes to be in contact. How can they reach you?

Fahuak Haute Couture has outlets in major cities across South Africa with our leading outlet located at Shop AL1; Cnr jan smuts & republic, Johannesburg. You can also reach us on social media at Instagram: fahuakhautecouture or by Email: fahuakweddings@gmail.com. Fahuak Collections also supplies a few boutiques with haute couture clothing & furniture pieces across South Africa and her neighboring countries. We will be happy to assist you with your requests from different parts of the world.

It was indeed a great pleasure meeting you.

Thank you Supreme magazine for having me.

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