Alariwo of Africa’ condemns suicide, mourns DJ XGee

Alariwo of Africa’ condemns suicide, mourns DJ XGee

Veteran musician, Rotimi Martins popularly known as `Alariwo of Africa’ on Thursday condemned suicide as a way out of any difficult situation while mourning the death of Seun Omogaji a.k.a. DJ XGee.

Seun Omogaji was said to have committed suicide on Wednesday as a result of marital problems.

Martins told Newsmen in Lagos that people should begin to take depression seriously as a menace gradually eating into the society, and claiming lives of loved ones.

“Sometimes, we need to be close to people to understand what they are passing through. But no matter what you are passing through, suicide is not the solution.

“I am a Christian and I believe that committing suicide is a sin before the almighty God.

“No matter how emotional and depressed you are, committing suicide is absolutely wrong and it is against the will of God.

“We all need someone to talk to, especially, in times when we are depressed about something.

“If we have someone to confide in, it will help us get over our depression on days we fall into negative emotions because of the situation around us,” he said.

The musician, however, said that Seun’s death, notwithstanding, was a great loss to the entertainment industry because he was very humble, very supportive and a protege of DJ Jimmy Jat.

“Seun was a very gentle person. I do not know the genesis of the story that led to his suicide which may be a disguise to what actually killed him.

“One thing is sure; suicide is not the solution to any difficulty no matter how depressed one is, prayer is the key,” Martins said.


















































Source: NAN

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