COVID-19: Corps member donates face masks to journalists.

A corps member, Faith Okiemute, has donated face masks to members of the Correspondents’ Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Sokoto State Council.

Okiemute, serving with the Sokoto State Ministry of Environment with state Code Number: SO/19B/3273, made the donation at a brief meeting between NYSC officials and members of the chapel in Sokoto on Wednesday.

The corps member said she was driven by the fact that journalists stake their lives to keep people informed, in spite of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

She, therefore, called for prayer for journalists, in addition to providing them will all safety measures.

“This is my simple show of appreciation and support to the gentlemen of the press, who always go out to get us informed, despite the precarious reality of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The face masks I am donating today are branded with NYSC to show our strength and belief in the Nigerian state,” she said.

The NYSC state Coordinator, Mr Philip Eneburue, represented by Dr Samuel Okparaocha, said the pandemic had declared an unseen war against humanity.

Eneburue said NYSC, through its Community Development Initiative, was deeply engaged in sensitising people with the aim of “flattening the curve’ in  the spread of COVID-19.

Responding on behalf of the chapel’s chairman, Habibu Harisu, its Secretary, Mr Ankeli Emmanuel, appreciated  NYSC and the corps member for the geeture.

He added that Okiemute had written her name in gold by this singular gesture.

“She has shown a deep sense of commitment to the importance of information in any human setting,” he said.

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