Dancers delighted at knowledge acquisition from Trufesta Dance Workshop

Dancers delighted at knowledge acquisition from Trufesta Dance Workshop


Some professional dancers have expressed excitement at acquisition of knowledge in dance techniques at the Trufesta International Dance Workshop which began on Monday in Lagos.

Supreme magazine learnt that the workshop exposed them to some aspects of dance, adding that the workshop was important for professional dancers to promote Nigerian dance industry.

The workshop had the theme: “Dawn in Africa Professional Dance”.

Mr Bagudu Victor, a dance instructor and a member of the Society for the Performing Arts of Nigeria, said that he learned much and would be able to instruct better.

“The workshop started today and I learned how to teach dancers to connect with their inner selves and dance better; this I have gained so far,” he said.

Mrs Edna Frank-Konwen, an actress with Tinsel Television Series, said that she had been a contemporary dancer and had opted to learn more of intellectual dance.

She said that she learned a lot from the workshop about the rudiments of intellectual dance and hoped to learn more before the end of the event.

“I now know a lot about intellectual dance and hope to know more before the end of the workshop. I am happy that I am doing it,” she said.

Miss Grace Umoh, who has been dancing for more than 20 years, said that she learned how to `connect’ her soul with music while dancing.

She said that she intended to have an art academy for dance and music, after the workshop.

“I learned a lot today – the first day; I can now connect my soul to music while dancing; this is a level of professionalism,” she said.

A contemporary dancer from Austria, Mr Jakob Mache, said  he hoped to learn more dance techniques to teach dancers in his country.

He said that dance had helped him to eliminate depression and build a sense of alertness.

“I have built my sense of alertness which is peculiar with intellectual dance. I know I will gain a lot,” he said.

Mr Michael Jimoh, who has the stage name “Ratty”, said that the workshop had helped him to revive some dance styles he abandoned years ago.

He said that he intended to revive his dance company through the knowledge he would acquire from the workshop.

” My dance company has been silent for a while; I want to revive it after gaining huge knowledge here,” he said.






Source: NAN

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