In their mind’s eye beauty has a color

So daily they amend their complexion like a tailor

They mix up paints on a palette like Da Vinci the painter

But how cruel is human to turn its skin to paper

Like a babies ass the skin is soft and tender

They care not, they just want to get brighter and fairer

Thought they could learn from late Jackson

When the problem comes it’s usually taxing

But who says dark is not beautiful and lovely?

Oh now I remember, Beyonce is not dark neither is Nicki Minaj

But less I forget Genevieve is not fair or is Tiwa Savage?

Who haven’t seen beauty; check the beholders eye

It could be dark or fair, white or black

With a long or short hair, Brazilian or woolen thread

Beauty has got no specific description

You are uniquely pretty the way you are

So why not let your skin be

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