Death toll rises to 56 after flooding in China’s Zhengzhou

After severe flooding in the Chinese metropolis of Zhengzhou, the number of death had  risen to 56 as at Friday.

Also, a  Chinese state television reported that the damage  caused by the severe flooding was estimated at more than 9.4 billion dollars just as  the Beijing Meteorological Office had  warned of continuous heavy rain in the central Chinese province of Henan, of which Zhengzhou is the capital.

Typhoon In-Fa,  said to be currently approaching China’s east coast and also affecting the weather deeper inland, was said to be  responsible for the torrential rainfall.

The storm was moving north-west at about 15 kilometres per hour and gaining strength. In-Fa, the sixth typhoon this year, would be expected to make landfall on the coast of Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces on Sunday.

The nine million populated metropolis of Zhengzhou was devastated by floodwaters on Tuesday.

Some of the multi-lane roads had turned into raging rivers, with cars floating in the torrents.

The flood also affected the underground rail system, and  hundreds of people were temporarily trapped in trains and in tunnels.

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