Director advises women to speak out against sexual harassment

Mrs Olabisi Ogunyemi, of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) has advised women to speak out against sexual harassment, especially in their work places.

Ogunyemi, who is the Deputy Director of Nursing,    UITH gave the advice as interviewed in Ilorin on Wednesday.

She said that women must never remain silent in the face of sexual harassment which could lead to assault.

She listed sexual harassment to include sexist remarks, harassment during pregnancy and post birth and gender-based bullying also other forms of behaviour that demean or humiliate someone on the basis of their sex.

According to her, women should realise that their silence in the face of sexual harassment can endanger their lives.

“This depends on the enormity and gravity of such harassment. It should not be taken lightly by any woman,” she said.

Ogunyemi, who is also a legal practitioner, observed that many of those confronted with such harassment in the society were career women.

She said that the silence of women employees could be rooted in fear of not losing their jobs, especially in a male dominated environment.

Ogunyemi said that such silence was dangerous to women in the long run because they could be harmed.

She therefore advised such women to reach out for help to any support groups and law enforcement agencies.

“We now live in digital era, where it is easy to record anything with mobile phones. Whenever you are opportune, get everything recorded and put your evidence forward.

“Involve the law enforcement into the matter and don’t allow yourself to be intimidated as long as you have your evidence on ground,” she said.

Ogunyemi also urged women not to allow themselves to be silenced in the face of gender-based violence.

She said that career women should always comport themselves, be well behaved, friendly and should aim to succeed against all odds in life.

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