Discussants Want Regular Meetings to Address Religious Mistrust

The Executive Director, Global Peace Development, Ebruke Esike, has called for regular inter-faith meetings amongst various religious bodies in the country to  foster harmony.

Esike, alongside other discussants, made the call on Tuesday during a one-day community Dialogue with Religious Leaders at Crystal Guests House & Garden, New GRA, Keffi.

He said that for religious harmony and understanding to prevail, awareness campaigns on peaceful co-existence should be strengthened among different faith groups, adding that there should be a regular platform for religious dialogue.

According to him, religious groups should come together periodically to brainstorm on developmental strides and ways to foster peaceful co-existence.

Esike also urged that inter-religious and inter-ethnic marriages should be encouraged, while those in the authorities must always remain neutral when conflict arises.

Supreme reports that the community dialogue was aimed at promoting trust, safety, and social cohesion within and between different religious groups.

Esike said this would help to strengthen social and cultural capacities to resolve disputes and conflict and to promote inter-religious interactions.

He added that the community dialogue will contribute to prevent conflicts and as well reduce community vulnerabilities and ignorance that instigate violence, as it seeks to influence attitudes and behaviour through promoting values of peace and tolerance.

Similarly, Pastor Esther Onyete, representative of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) said that women should be involved in peace-building committees and conflict resolution initiatives.

She added the efforts should be geared toward addressing illiteracy and ignorance about the teachings of both Christianity and Islam.

Also, Ms Hassana Musa, representing the Jamaatul Nasril Islamiyya (JNI) stressed on the need to always promote moral values.

She said that religious leaders should act as mediators in conflicts and promoters of peace; not hatred.

Musa also decried a gradual deterioration of religious tolerance and acceptance; compared to some years back.

According to her, unscrupulous religious leaders capitalise on the religious ignorance of some of their followers to promote agenda contrary to the teachings of the religion.

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