Don says Nigeria has no business importing food

Don says Nigeria has no business importing food

Prof. Rotimi Ajayi, the Vice Chancellor, Crawford University College of Agriculture on Tuesday stressed the need for universities to take up the challenges posed by food insecurity in the country.


Ajayi told Newsmen in Lagos that the country did not have need to import any food items as it is blessed with enough resources to be the food basket of Africa.


He said that the country needed to harness all its potential in combating food insecurity.


“The country is blessed with all the resources it needs to feed its population and Africa at large,’’ he said.


“The College of Agriculture, when fully operational, will be the next big thing in the history of agriculture in the country.’’


Ajayi said that adequate research into high breed agricultural products would go a long way in attracting many to the sector.


“We have to research into the new tropical hybrids that have potential yields as this will attract many to go into farming because of their qualities including early maturity.


“We have an advantage of being in the rainy season, especially in the South West, so all we need to do is to harness our energy toward getting the right results.


“Nigeria has great potential zones for the production of maize which can help to reduce food insecurity. There are many bye products from maize aside eating it which includes poultry feeds.


“We also have great potential in growing cassava and other yields.


“In the North, rice farming should be the king with all these, we have no business in importing food,’’ he said.


Ajayi stressed that food insecurity was a challenge researchers should seriously look at.


He, however, assured that the Crawford University was ready to take up the challenge because it had the resources to do that.


“Nigeria is blessed with human resources, land, temperature and everything to be the food basket of Africa, hence, it is a challenge we at the source of training should look into.


“The university will contribute its own quota at bridging the gap of inadequate food supply with researches and well-endowed human resources,” he said.


The Crawford University College of Agriculture is based in Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State.


The faith-based university, owned by the Apostolic Faith Church West and Central Africa (WECA) is expected to open officially in January 2019.
















































Source: NAN

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