DRC commends Russia for help in fighting COVID-19, Ebola, seeks larger cooperation

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) greatly appreciates the help Russia provided it during both the coronavirus and Ebola outbreaks, Joseph Mukombo, economic counselor at the country’s embassy in Moscow, said.

Mukombo said that he hoped that cooperation in the health sector will deepening.

“We are very grateful to Russia which is by our side in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but also against Ebola.

“Today, we are in the era of health diplomacy … as pandemic does not recognise borders. So we are very grateful to Russia for this support,” Mukombo said.

According to the diplomat, as part of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the fight against the pandemic, Russia sent two mobile laboratories to the DRC in December and two lots of medicines and equipment in May and September.

The memorandum, he went on, also envisions training of DRC doctors, installation of medical equipment, construction of laboratories, vaccine and drug production.

“But this is the beginning of a much larger cooperation, which we want and which we are working toward. It will be intensified, at least we would like that,” Mukombo stated.

Speaking of the DRC’s coronavirus response, the diplomat noted that a “predicted catastrophe did not happen,” as the nation had learned from the experience of other countries and developed good crisis preparedness due to Ebola outbreaks.

“Step by step, pandemic is under control and there are less and less cases in the state,” he said.

With population of 84 million, the DRC has confirmed over 10,400 COVID-19 cases, including more than 9,800 recoveries and 267 deaths.

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