Educationists call for overhaul of educational sector

Educationists call for overhaul of educational sector

Some educationists have called for a review of the different levels of the education system in order to stem the challenges confronting the sector in the country.

The two educationists, who spoke with  Newsmen , on Monday in Lagos, said that all the levels of education in Nigeria was facing  one problem or the other.

They are Mr Femi Adesanya, lecturer, Department of English and General Studies, Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka and Mr Olayinka Aderoju, Vice- Principal, Nigeria -Tulip International College (NTIC), Ogun chapter.

Adesanya said that revamping the system was imperative to address the multidimensional challenges facing schools at all levels.

He blamed the problem confronting the sector on the lip service being paid to education by the country’s political leaders.

According to him, infrastructure in most Nigerian public schools is in a sorry state.

“A visit to some of our schools reveals this deplorable condition, as the state is often characterised by dilapidated structures, tattered roofs and classrooms without furniture.

“The condition of the classroom is as worse as the deplorable state of the teachers’ offices,” he said.

Adesanya noted that it was almost impossible for qualitative education to be achieved in such environment except for the sake of commitment on the part of the teachers and learners.

The lecturer complained of over bloated population in schools as per students-teachers ratio, which he said, was affecting effective teaching and learning.

“Recruitment of teachers is grossly inadequate when compared with the increasing population of students and pupils in the public schools.

“If education must survive as a yardstick for economic and manpower development in Nigeria, the issue of teacher education must undergo a multidisciplinary appraisal and approach.

“There have been scholarly articles, seminars, conferences, research and other educational fora, where such challenges are discussed.

“Unfortunately, the government has turned deaf ears to such scholarly exposition and efforts toward building the sector,” he said.

Also, Aderoju said a decline in the national economy and rot in the Nigeria system, had spread across the different strata of its educational sector.

He said that the chunk of the problem confronting the sector was due to the inability of the Quality Assurance Departments of the state ministries of education to conduct proper inspection of schools as at when due.

Adebiyi said such inspection was necessary to ensure that the standard that earned schools approval was maintained after the approval was granted.

The vice-principal said that students-teacher ratio in any standard school and under any circumstance should not be more than 20 students to a teacher.
















































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