My boyfriend James was real cute. He never had sex with me because he believed it’s against his Christian ethics. And that was the major problem. For me sex must be in the picture for a relationship to make it to the isle. That was Rita who was supposed to be engaged to James. Whenever James visits Rita her dad is always Jealous and acts nasty toward him. And this bothers James. “Look Rita I don’t know why your dad treats me real bad whenever I visit. Is he in any way against my relationship with you?” “Not in any way I know.

Maybe because my Mum is late and he’s been there for me all these years so we got kind of close. But don’t worry all shall be well.” But all didn’t get well. Rita’s Dad, one fine evening, said: “Rita come here let me tell you something. He took her to the bedroom and put his hands around her waist. “Not again Dad. Is this all you are interested in? You know I’ll be getting married soon and I need to stop this madness!” “You call this madness? This is not madness. It is reality. I have put five million bucks in your account and bought you the latest Range Rover Jeep.

What more would you be asking for?” “Thanks Dad but you know I can’t marry you. Won’t you ever stop having sex with me? I’m sick and tired of this.” Their hips met. Her legs opened. And they had another hot round of sex. The phone rang, it was her boyfriend. “Who’s that?” her father enquired. “It’s James my boyfriend.” “Don’t answer the call.” Her dad warned. She later called James: “so sorry I couldn’t pick your call. I was having a rather hot..!” “Hot what?” James asked. “No no let’s not go there. How are you.” “Good” says James.

Two months later the incredible happened. Rita got pregnant. “I’m pregnant” she told her dad. “Oh that’s fantastic. Keep the child no abortion.” “But you know I can’t keep the baby. I can’t because it will be an embarrassing development to my fiancée.” “Fiancée my foot! End it now with that stupid poor boy.” Screaming, she said, “I can’t!” She fled to her bedroom sobbing. “Oh god help me. I’m confused.”

The phone rang. It was James. A few hours later they had lunch. “I’m truly troubled about your reticence and you not picking my calls. What’s up?” “Nothing. It’s just that I feel sick inside.” “Sick inside? Then we must see the doctor.” “No no please. I don’t want to see any doctor.” The tears rolled. “See Rita you are crying. Okay I’ll take you home.” “No please I’ll go alone.”

Is this the end of this relationship? James pondered. She began to avoid James. Whenever James called Rita’s dad picked the call. “Don’t call this number again,” he would bark. Unknown to Rita her doctor is actually related to James. And they got talking. “Sister you know I’m engaged to a wonderful lady.” “Oh that’s fine. What’s her name?” “Rita, Rita Simpson.”

“But she’s pregnant. I’m surprised because in our family we don’t believe in sex before marriage so who got her pregnant?” That’s the million dollar question. James told her: “You are pregnant Rita who’s responsible?” “I’m not pregnant,” she stammered.

After the phone chat she remained stuck to the chair. How did he know, she wondered. “He knows about this pregnancy” she announced to her happy dad. “So what. I’ve told you to forget that boy.” They embraced. She later gave birth. And James was still in the picture. He still wanted to marry her. Rita was a rare beauty. Rita’s dad still didn’t want James to marry her daughter. He sponsored her trip abroad and planted a new lover, Rick, on her.

In the end Rita’s dad murdered James in cold blood. Tragedy. She heard about his murder in London. She flew back to Nigeria and confronted her father screaming, “you killed my love. Such a nice man who forgave and still wanted to marry me. Dad you are wicked.” That night she ended it all. She shot herself, crying: “If he can’t have me you can’t.” Three souls died for love. That’s because Rita’s dad later died of cardiac arrest. The daughter, now five, was taken into a rehab centre.

Abraham Oti

Edited by Raymond Ukaegbu

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