Euro Medical Adviser okays larger spectators for matches

Euro 2020 Medical Adviser, Daniel Koch, has defended plans to allow 60,000 spectators at the semi-finals and final matches in London.

Koch stated this at a UEFA briefing on Thursday ahead of the round of 16 games starting on Saturday.

Britain has seen a marked increase in Coronavirus cases in recent weeks because of the delta variant, although deaths and hospitalisations are relatively stable thanks to the country’s strong vaccine programme.

“Having people in the stadium does not automatically mean a higher risk.

“The situation in Europe has not been as good as it is now for a long time, even in England,” he stated.

He however noted that regions around Manchester and Glasgow have bigger problems than London.

He also pointed to testing requirements for fans.

Koch said, “It is too easy to look at the virus or events and say: That’s where the danger is.

“What we see in Europe at the moment is this: filling the stadiums to some extent is a safe thing.’’

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