EYELASH ENHANCERS: Which Are Most Effective?

EYELASH ENHANCERS: Which Are Most Effective?

By Andrea Moore

Long, dark, abundant lashes are the desire of women all over the world. Not only do thick, full lashes make eyes look bigger and brighter, they make facial features appear softer and give women a look of youthfulness and good health. However, not all women are blessed with great lashes and, over time, even naturally thick lashes can become brittle and sparse due to beauty product usage and environmental damage.

Lashes grow in a similar way to hair. The lash starts at the root, grows to a certain length, and eventually falls out so new lashes can grow. When lashes are healthy, each lash is able to grow to its full potential length and has a normal healthy lifespan before it falls out. However, when women over-use products such as mascara, over-dye lashes, or expose them to the harsh sun and UV rays, some women experience breakage, damage, and even thinning of the lash line.

Fortunately, there is a solution that help women lengthen and strengthen their lashes. Eyelash conditioners have the ability to stimulate lash growth. High quality eyelash conditioners provide essential nutrients to increase eyelash growth potential. Key ingredients promotes hydration and moisturization thereby making eyelashes healthy, shiny and stronger. Potent ingredients provide lectin-like activity stimulating follicle hair growth. Hyaluronic Acid can provide the necessary hydration essential to providing healthy, shiny, fuller looking eyelashes. Glucoproteins are important in stimulating follicle hair growth. Pro Vitamin B5 or Panthenol strengthens eyelashes allowing maximum growth potential.

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Generally, after using an eyelash conditioner for three to five weeks you should see fuller, shinier, and longer looking lashes. Lashes will maintain their healthy length and thickness for months after continued use. Breakage, thinning and sparse eyelashes occur for many environmental and physiological reasons. Using a high quality eyelash conditioner is a great way to alleviate those short, sparse and thin lashes. Don’t we all deserve long, luscious, beautiful lashes?


Brush Lashes Gently – Brushing lashes will help stimulate lash growth.

Stop Using Cheap Mascara – You are risking breakage when using cheap mascara.

Stop Using Eyelash Curlers – Your eyelashes are at a greater risk of breaking when using a curler.

Provide Lubrication – Use products that contain a lubricant such as Hyaluronic Acid and Glucoproteins to provide lubrication.

Use Eyelash Enhancers – Eyelash enhancers using Pro Vitamin B5 have the potential to promote maximum eyelash growth.

*This is a subjective assessment based on the strength of the available information and our estimation of efficacy.

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