By Ibraham Oti

It has been established that the basis for good relationship is mutual respect for one another, trust, kindness and ability to forgive.

Trust is a vital element that “oils” the relationship. How can you have a relationship with someone you don’t trust? It’s impossible. Lack of trust breeds suspicion. when a man suspects his woman every move is suspect. Although it is safe to trust only God who can’t err, it is also necessary to trust your spouse or partner in a relationship. But trust does not come easy, it has to go through cataclysms of honesty and confidence.

Another good ingredient for love is the ability to put your spouse or friend first. A lot of people today are entrapped in the insipid cankerworm of the me – first syndrome. Don’t be first to blame the other person. Do not be too quick to find fault. Some issues are best forgotten. The more you find faults, the more you discover your own inadequacies.

It won’t hurt to have the back seat sometime. It’s okay to let you partner have the biggest portion, just so peace will reign. It doesn’t make you a fool; rather it makes you the one with the superior faculties.

Communication is another vital tool that can make your relationship work. It is not what you say but how you say it. And the essence of communication is to be understood. Apart from the telepathic nobody would just guess what’s on your mind. If you don’t say it, it dies in you. The challenges is half-solved if spoken. People who are reticent fall ill more than those who express themselves.

And finally, say thank you when someone does you a favour or does something for you.

Some people are so rude they never appreciate good turns. Even God appreciates a “thank you”. To say thank you shows that you care and appreciate others.

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