Your favourite and ever present magazine, Supreme heartily welcomes you to a very special edition put together to celebrate Rivers State at 50! Just to pre-inform you, this is the kind of edition you won’t want your closest neighbour to borrow for a day.


In course of putting this up, our reporters found time to speak with few notable elder statesmen. There is this particular question the elders couldn’t answer without first giving a relieving smile “in May 1967 when Rivers was declared a state by General Yakubu Gowon, how did you feel?” Which true indigene of this state won’t happily reminisce of that historic day Rivers State was birthed?


We didn’t bother asking why the  state was named Rivers. Geography has categorically told us Rivers State have more rivers than other states in Nigeria, so it’s enough reason to bear the name. But what we never failed to discuss as a team was the uncommon meaning of a river, not just the one dictionary has defined, we look at it psychologically or paranormally, if you like. Through research we discovered rivers have more creatures than land and the most beautiful and colourful creations are under the river not on land. Correlating this fact to the subject matter will only confirm the terminology “proud heritage”, so pardon us as we discuss this lightly.


Now you will permit us to brag about the Golden state a bit. History informed us that even before Rivers State was declared a State it was part of the oil rivers protectorate from 1885 till 1893. Rivers State has always been resourceful since Adam; currently is one of the highest oil producing state in Nigeria, with over 350,000 bpd (Have never gone down beyond 3rd in ranking). The first commercial discovery of crude oil was at Oloibiri (part of old Rivers State) in 1956, followed by the discovery of other wells at Afam in 1957 and Bomu in 1958 (all in present day Rivers State).


In the year 2001 this same record breaking state produced the first Nigerian, first black African to be Miss World, today every musician or poet in Africa describes a beautiful girl with just one name, Agbani Darego. Her Governors since 1999 till date has at one point or the other become Best Governor of the year, another unsung record. Am talking about the only state with a Garden city as capital, one time World Book Capital, Time and space would fail us to talk more about other achievements of Rivers State.

With this super edition we just want to celebrate Rivers State at 50, we are proud of her golden and laudable achievements, through individuals and government. Generations after ours would come and yet savor the beauty of this state, her uniqueness even in diversity, and her legendary hospitality.

Supreme magazine has sagaciously spent 14 solid years of existence here, without any hindrance in course of carrying out our journal duties. In reciprocating that kindness we have at several times dropped foreign contents just to publish our local ones, most times for free, or lesser rate. Our indigenous clients can always attest to this. We also sell our capital, Port Harcourt reputably in South Africa and beyond through our Supreme Magazine Heritage Awards/Port Harcourt Fashion Show held in S.A annually and has been running for 16 years.


I would stop here knowing how you anticipate flipping through this special edition. Enjoy every single page.  We would be expecting your response through our social media platforms.  Once more you are welcome to our Rivers State Golden Jubilee Edition.


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