Stage Name: Grace

Real Name: Grace Amachree

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Region: South-South

State of Origin: Bayelsa State

Birthday: July 13th


Relationship Status: Married

Profession: Marketer

Best Color: Blue

Best Food: Eba & Ogbono soup

Best City in Nigeria: Abuja

Best City Across the World: Abu Dhabi


Best Song: Great are you Lord by Sinach

Favourite Musician: Cece Winans

Likes: Being myself

Turn-offs: Pretense

Hobbies: singing, cooking, baking, sewing

Best Day so Far: when I accepted Jesus into my life.


Worst Day: When my dad passed on

Describe Your Style in One Word: Being realistic

Aspiration: Becoming God’s vessel in worship

Source of Inspiration: Beautiful worship songs

Role Models: Pastor Chris Oarhe, my parents

Awards: Hoping to get one


Message to Your Fans: Just be you. Love God and allow him take the lead. He knows us better and his plans for us cannot be changed.  Just stand!!

Fans Contacts:

FACEBOOK: Grace Amachree

INSTAGRAM: gamachree

TWITTER: graceamachree 2


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