Hardwork pays: I produced my first album with proceeds from conductor job – Bright Okiki

Hardwork pays: I produced my first album with proceeds from conductor job – Bright Okiki

Up coming Nigerian Singer Raji Mutiu said he used proceeds from his conductor job to produce his first album.The hip hop singer, popularly known as Bright Okiki said this in an interview with the Supreme Magazine in Abuja on Friday. He said that getting support as an upcoming artist was very challenging. He added that no matter the depth of his talent, if he had no support success would be a long walk in the park. “Big shots in the music industry believe that supporting an upcoming artist is a waste of money; they even ask for money from such upcoming artists if they wanted the singers to feature in their videos. “They look down on you regardless of your good skills in singing or your ambitions to succeed in the business. “I started singing at age 14 and as an orphan I had no one to support me, I did a lot of odd jobs to push my career myself without any money at all, ” he said. He urged upcoming artists not to relent in advancing their career ambitions, saying that hardwork and prayers remained the key to success. “I had to do conductor work; rode okada; and did other odd jobs during which I saved money to go to the studio to produce my music. “I had no promoter, no marketer, but I continued to push. “I used my three years’ income as a motorcyclist to produce one of my first songs only for it to be banned for use of language.“My world came crashing on me, no hope whatsoever. Quitting now became my only option at that point,” he said.

One of the songs that brought the bubbly singer to limelight is “Gbagbe Bose Sele” featuring the Musical Taliban Oristefemi in 2017. According to him, the hit single track, “Gbagbe Bose Sele” which in Yoruba means forget how it happened, was inspired by the story of his life. In March he released another hit track  “Chop make I chop”.

Also adding to his accolades are some awards  and an endorsement as a Megato ambassador. He says his role model is the popular Nigerian singer NICE.

Source: NAN

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