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By Abraham Oti


Belinda was in an expensive car with her husband who wore a mask and black caftan. Behind the car were white-robed young boys and girls chanting war songs as they trailed behind the car. They went deeper and deeper into the jungle. Belinda got scared. “Where are you taking me in the middle of the night? Are you trying to kill me? Please don’t – I still love you”. This angered the husband. He spat fire! “You must be mad. Do you think I married you to live no; I married you so that I’ll kill you”. Belinda couldn’t believe her ears. “So you actually want to kill me, eh? You were only pretending during the wedding that you love me. Oh God deliver me. Pataki (husband’s name) truly wants to kill me and my unborn baby. Please help me oh God”. “God is late you are already dead”. The car stopped in the middle of nowhere.” Drag her out”. Pataki ordered as Belinda screamed at the top of her voice. She was tied to a stake and blindfolded. She screamed the more. “Nobody – not even God – will hear your voice”. As they lifted up a sharp long knife to behead her, she screamed. And her eyes opened.”Jesus it was a dream!,” she exclaimed. “What happened?” The husband enquired as he tried to touch her. “Don’t touch me you devil – you tried to kill me in the dream”. “Come on it’s only a dream”. “No no this dream is real. Now tell me: Are you trying to kill me? “No way, how can I kill a woman I love”. “You sure of that?” They sat face- to-face. She couldn’t bring herself to embrace him. They went for counselling. But what Belinda didn’t know was the fact that what she was indeed a premonition. It will come to pass very shortly.

Chief Pataki and Belinda had a lavish wedding. They had five limousine cars at their beck and call. Belinda was swept off her feet even though she wondered about the source of her husband’s huge wealth. The couple hosted 20 guests in top-flight hotels where they drank champagne all day. Belinda’s expensive wedding gown was a showpiece imported from France.

The wedding reception was talk-of-the-town. Half of the guests, unknown to Belinda, where members of a very deadly cult. They were actually celebrating her death in advance. Belinda’s mum Charlotte, a very educated woman, would never believe that her daughter had just a few months to live. Pataki did everything to make his wife happy to avoid subsequent suspicion. Belinda told her mum about her dream. But her mum waved it off, saying, ‘Darl you are going through ‘marriage fever’ “. But Pataki’s constant nocturnal meetings gave Belinda the jitters. “Where do you go almost every night dear?” “Oh sweetie its business. Soon it will end and you will be ree”, Belinda responded, “What do you mean free? I’m I under bondage?” “No but you’ll soon comprehend”. What got her more worried was the disappearance of her pictures, jewels and clothes. She kept quite. That was the blow that broke the camel’s back.

Now one midnight the die was cast. This was going to be Belinda’s last night on earth. She heard a strange noise and awoke from sleep. Horror! Her husband was not in the house. It’s past midnight and he was nowhere near. She tried to reach him on phone but the attempt was futile. The next thing she saw were ten young men and women in white robes. Three of them had guns. “Please don’t shoot me,” she begged. Her phones were seized. As they led her out as a kidnapped victim, she silently wondered how they, gained access to the house. They all entered a mini-bus and sped off. Leaving the city they stopped at a point on the road. She was dragged into a car. In the car she saw a man- it was her husband! “So you are behind this? You really plan to sacrifice my life. What have I done to you to deserve this death sentence?” “Shut up and keep quiet. Pataki wore a mask and black caftan.

Indeed her dream was coming to pass. They veered off the road into a jungle. What Pataki didn’t know was the fact that there was a second person in the house at abduction. The guard was gagged and carried away. Eunice was the second person in the house. She called Belinda’s mum and a search squad was arranged. They saw the abandoned bus and trailed Pataki and his cult-murdering gang. But it was too late. They had murdered Belinda. Her decimated body on the ground. Pataki and some members of his gang were apprehended and taken to the police station. His plan to become one billion naira richer was foiled. He was later tried and sentenced to death.

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