They have visited some of the best doctors yet there seem not to be a way out of the predicament. The Jacksons hail from Lagos State from the geographical stock of the Yoruba – speaking tribe. Chief Jackson is legally married to Nike. Nike, a trained pharmacist, has in the past recommended several drugs but all to no avail.

Finally, she decided to send Randy to Cornie. He was to give her certain potent roots that may eventually get her pregnant. She also gave him some juju portion as a backup. Hence Randy’s visit to the United States of America. The trio chatted over dinner as they exchanged views on his first evening in the big city. Cornie asked after her mum.” “Oh that reminds me: let me get something for you.” He returns from the bedroom in a jiffy. “Here,” he says, handing a bag to his sister. “What’s that?” Ken asked, “Oh na juju! It is j-u-j-u!” “Heck what is jorjor?” “Juju not jorjor.” Randy corrected. “Enough” Cornie snapped. She tore the bag off Ken’s hand. “This is for me thank you. She dragged her brother aside. “What was that for? You didn’t need to go through all that drama.” “Anyway, em, sorry, mother is truly worried about this childless state of yours.

She’s too eager to be a grand mum.” “Then get married and make her a grand mum. Yes I know I’m not pregnant yet. But it’s not as if we’ve not been trying. We’ve been praying too”. “Prayer”, Randy questioned: “what kind of prayer. If you are going to make mum a grandmother then you need juju and that’s what’s in the bag”. “What else is there anyway?” “The herb. Mama also added some strong roots tried – and – tested by our ancestors”. “Please don’t give me this ancestor crap. I won’t buy it”. “So America has so changed you you’ve forgotten all about your roots.” They all went out to have fun that evening. Randy particularly had a good time. He was so engrossed with the bootilicious ladies he saw that night. Randy had a few more days to stay.

But his habit of spending a long time in their bedroom troubled Ken. He couldn’t hide his feelings and he told Randy, “Can I see you briefly”. “Sure why not”, returned Randy. “I’ve observed that you like spending ages in my bedroom with my wife who happens to be your sister. Why is that so?” “Please do not be offended my in-law; it’s just that there are some things (family matters actually) we are discussing. You know I’ll be leaving soon.” “Ok then” he said”. After Ken went to work, the duo settled down on brass-tacks. “Sis, please allow me to do it once. The last time we did it we were in our teen, and you got pregnant. You had to commit abortion.

I’m sure if we do it again you will get pregnant and your husband won’t know.” “Smart idea but I’m not interested”. She pulled herself to leave the bed but Randy pinned her down kissing her passionately. She melted under his love strokes as they made love. Luckily she was ovulating. “Make sure you make love to him this period because he may be counting you ovulation period. Randy departed to Nigeria. Mission accomplished. Cornie got pregnant. It was not the juju and it was not Ken. She got pregnant for her brother. Her mum must never find out. The husband was too happy to hear his wife gave birth to a bouncy baby boy! The thought of DNA didn’t cross his mind. He believed the baby was his. Thanks to Randy who travelled from Nigeria to do what the husband couldn’t do: impregnate his sister. All’s well that ends well, don’t you think so?


By Abraham Oti

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