International community hosts Afghanistan donor conference

United Nations on Monday hosted donor conference for Afghanistan in the wake of a growing humanitarian crisis in the country.

According to UN calculations, Afghans will need some 606 million dollars by December.

The UN said many countries are willing to provide humanitarian aid but are concerned about how it would be spent given that the Taliban are now in control, and say conditions should be attached to donations.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is also expected in Geneva, 40 more ministers are due to attend the conference and others are likely to join online.

According to UN agencies, basic services in Afghanistan are now on the verge of collapse, adding that humanitarian aid will maintain medical services, water supply and sanitation facilities.

It said that the financing would also provide for measures to support women and children and set up education projects.

The UN added that it could fund emergency shelters as some 3.5 million people are internally displaced.

According to the United Nations, money is needed for food aid, adding that there is not enough to eat in 93 per cent of the country’s homes.

UN Refugee Commissioner Filippo Grandi warned on Sunday that a “resurgence of fighting, human rights violations or the collapse of the economy and basic social services” could lead many more Afghans to flee abroad. 

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