Israel pledges to strengthen bilateral cooperation with Nigeria

The Embassy of Israel in Nigeria has pledged to strengthen the bilateral cooperation shared between Israel and Nigeria.

The Deputy Head of Israeli Mission to Nigeria, Mr Yotam Kreiman, said this in a statement to commemorate the 72nd Independence Anniversary celebration of Israel.

He said although the day would be marked indoors against usual traditional gatherings this year due to restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, it would not deter bilateral relationship.

Yotam said: “The Ambassador of Israel to Nigeria and the staff of the Embassy of Israel are standing in brotherhood with our fellow Nigerians and wish all of us better days, health and safety.

“We may be celebrating far from one another this year, but we are celebrating the same things together with our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.”

Yotam said that the independence was being celebrated on April 28, after the Memorial Day for several reasons that would be remembered for what those who gave their lives gave them for.

According to him, “we celebrate unity, freedom and the fact that we are not being persecuted and discriminated against, for the first time in over 2000 years.

“We celebrate being Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druze, Badawin, Baha’i, and all other faiths.

“We celebrate strength and victory, togetherness like family to one another; we celebrate education, innovation, excellence, peace agreements – the ones achieved and the ones that will be achieved.

“We celebrate the children that were born this year and the scientists, the discoveries in medicine, chemistry, biology, mathematics and all those of us who won Nobel prizes.

“We celebrate music, writing, philosophy and the ability to find happiness through more difficult times, such as those we experience nowadays.

“We celebrate life and caring, charity and giving, like the Israeli Embassy does here for Nigerians and for the diplomatic relations and friendship between our countries for over 60 years.

“We celebrate everything we have been standing for, for 72 years in one sense and thousands of years in other senses,” Yotam said.

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