Lawyer advocates women empowerment

An Ilori-based legal practitioner, Mr Yusuf Taiwo, has called for women empowerment in order to reduce poverty in the country.
Taiwo explained on Friday in Ilorin that women deserve “special attention’’.

“Women are not liabilities; rather they are the strength of a great nation, if given priority.
“Government at all levels must empower women and stop seeing them as alternatives in the society. They can do better if given the opportunity.
“Let them also benefit from loan, agricultural and business loans, and see how the society will get better.
“We must stop discriminating against them but give them equal opportunity like men.

“Empower the women artisans and provide them the necessary tools.
“Some women are more responsible to their families than the men.
“They will bring food to the table when you equip them; they will reduce poverty rate,’’ Taiwo said.
The lawyer, therefore, urged governments, Non-Governmental Organiations and individuals to extend their empowerment programmes and training to the women folk as they were doing to men.

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