Lecturer advises undergraduates to keep learning during lockdown

Dr Theo Adebowale, a Political Science lecturer, on Friday urged students not to relax, but keep seeking knowledge, as the COVID-19 lockdown continues to keep them out of school. Adebowale, who lectures at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, told Supreme Magazine that this was important  as undergraduates were sent home at the verge of examinations. “The lockdown arising from coronavirus pandemic came so suddenly that everyone was caught unawares and the social gathering prohibition worsened the matter, compelling closure of schools and students being sent home compulsorily. “While they are still observing the stay-at-home order, they should maximise the period to read and study more, rather than playing away at the detriment of their academics. “The commitment they bring to bear now will keep them academically active and go a long way to prepare them for better performance when the institutions reopen,” Adebowale said. He said that students should  take skill acquisition opportunities on the social media and  key-in to sources to learn,  as a way to add value to their lives. According to him, those who already have skills can equally exhibit them through the social media as part of measures of making the best use of the ongoing lockdown. “Given that they are at home now, bubbling with much energy, it is wise and reasonable they put their time to good use of the social media. “Some can even learn their parents’ business or career and those that have land can do some gardening in an agrarian community, as farming is recommended to motivate youths,” he said. The AAU lecturer advised undergraduates to engage in regular physical exercise while they maintain COVID-19 precautionary measures and keep informed on developments through the mass media.

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