Legal practitioner urges Nigerians to develop inner strength for unity

Mr Anthony Agbonlahor, a Constitutional lawyer based in Abuja, says Nigerians should use this Eid season to develop the inner strength required to foster  peace and unity of Nigeria. The lawyer said this in an interview on Wednesday in Abuja.

Agbonlahor said developing the strength from within was needed to overcome the challenges of daily living and to help sustain the peace and unity the nation so much needed from its citizens.

According to him, what is needed is a little effort and ability to stay calm, proactive and positive during challenging circumstances.

“Strength comes from within and, if it is not developed and harnessed, it will remain  dormant and inactive while we continue to blame circumstances and apportion blames to others.

“If we are true to ourselves, true to our faith as believers, we will find the strength to love, to tolerate and respect each other even though our opinions differ,’’ Agbonlahor said.

The legal practitioner maintained that the unity of the country would be sustained and enhanced if Nigerians learnt to demonstrate the peace and love in themselves with one another.

He also said developing good  friendship with peaceful neighbourliness this season was the way to go.

“Everyone likes to be loved, to be genuinely concerned about, and if this is allowed to thrive this country will be a much better place.”

Speaking further, he said Nigerians should play their parts in the larger society by imbibing peaceful values, speaking peace and being peaceful to enhance and sustain a peaceful society.

“We cannot speak peace, live in peace without actually experiencing such peace,” he said.

The lawyer added that for all these to be possible, Nigerians must search their soul, reach deep down and find that inner strength.

“Through this means comes tolerance, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence,’’ he said.

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