Lockdown ease: Residents worried at poor social distancing in Lagos

Some residents of Abule Egba and Agege in Lagos State, on Monday expressed worry at non-compliance of many  Lagos residents  with social distancing directive aimed at  reducing COVID-19 spread.

Supreme reports that many Lagos residents used face masks on the first day of gradual relaxation of lockdown of the state but did not observe social distancing at some bus stops, banks and other public places.

The federal and Lagos State governments had ordered the use of face masks and  social distancing as part of measures to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

Mr Joshua Ochugbo, a 53-year-old trader in Abule Egba, said that it was good that many residents used face masks but would have been better if they also observed social distance.

He said he would  use face mask until the end of  mask COVID-19 crisis and would do his best to keep distance from people.

“I bought different types of  face masks for use  throughout the  COVID-19 crisis.

“Though, it is not so easy because of the heat it causes, it is worth wearing when you realise what non-compliance will cause,” he said.

Ochugbo expressed concern over poor-compliance with social distancing order in banks and some other public places .

“If you see some banks, people queue as if nothing is happening in this country. I am afraid that there might  be an increase of the virus spread  at the end of this week,” he said.

Mrs Roseline Adebayo, a 55-year-old businesswoman, who lives in Agege, also regretted non-compliance with social distancing order in public places including  bus stops.

“People at bus stops are not adhering to social the distancing rule; they are fighting themselves and rushing to board buses to their destinations.

“What is the essence of putting face masks when people are rushing buses and pushing one another in order to get into buses?

“The police need to be at each bus stop to compel commuters to adhere strictly to the rules; else, we are in trouble,” she said.

Mrs Ronke Adesida, a storekeeper, urged Lagos residents  to use face masks and keep social distance in  the interest of all.

“I want to appeal to our people  to please adhere to the rules, we need to know that we are dealing with a pandemic.

“Now that a face mask is sold between N100 to N500, there is no excuse for anybody not to have his or her own.

“We need to help the government so that we can be free and live our normal lives,” she said.

Adesida also urged the police to move around public places to compel  people in queues to keep distance from one another.

Photo credit: Cdc

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