Mission to evacuate Nigerians in Egypt.

The Nigerian mission in Egypt is making all necessary plans to evacuate Nigerians in the North African country, spokesman for the Foreign Affairs MInistry, Mr Ferdinand Nwoye said on Wednesday.

Nwoye told newsmen in Abuja that contrary to reports making the rounds, no Nigerian has been left stranded in Egypt.

The spokesman said that following the outbreak of the coronavirus, the need arose for due process to be followed to facilitate the evacuation of Nigerian citizens from other countries.

According to him, it is in furtherance of this that the Nigerian mission in Egypt is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the return of Nigerians from that country.

He explained that the Nigerian mission in Egypt had already compiled the names of persons willing to return. Negotiations were also ongoing with airlines that would convey them back to the country.

“The mission is trying its best possible to ensure that Nigerians in Egypt get back.

“The first step is to register those who are willing to return and right now, 443 people have indicated interest to return.

“The next step is to negotiate with an airline that will bring them back, considering that they have to pay for their tickets individually.

“The mission has negotiated with three international airlines including Air Peace and out of the three, Air Peace seems to be the cheapest.

“But now with this new directive that we have to patronise Nigerian airlines, we now have to start making inquiries down here, to start getting information from Nigerian airlines.

“So there is nothing like Nigerians being stranded in Egypt,” Nwonye said.

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