The world is watchful; it hasn’t blinked an eye for our sake

Like Apostle Paul they are faithful, relentlessly they await the coming of our bitter end


Honeymoon is not as sweet as you so they believe you’ll last for short while

Your kiss is painted on me every day like makeup on Beyonce; they fold their hands awaiting my bile


How can they save their laughter for a tragic scene on a comedy?

Oh I see them frowning until death comes

The longer we stay the higher we get them mad like soured palm wine to a drunkard

Why don’t they join us since they can’t beat us or forever take a sip?


What could our motivations be? Even me I wonder

When there is nothing we create something

Even when there is no good reason to smile, our laughter gets louder

They believe love is dead, maybe they should watch us make it all night


Like vitamin C an over doze of you am so willing to take

Let no doctor warn me, this is divine not professional

Like every other sea you’re deep, but you never drown me

Like wild fire of course you’re hot but you never burn me


Like sugar you’re sweet but you don’t get me diabetic

So not all good get repaid with evil

Not all girls lie, some are truthful

Not all boo’s get other boo like Harry’s song.


By Kendrick Aziz Christian


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