By Abraham Oti


Keisha is 18 and she is very beautiful. She sings in the choir. Her dad encouraged her to do her best in service to God. Being born in America her thinking is not that of the average Nigerian girl. And being an American citizen – even though Pastor Williams, her dad, is a Nigerian – she understands her right as someone who has dual citizenship. She came to Nigeria with her dad on vacation. As they came to Nigeria many pastors welcomed them at the airport. But Pastor Keith, 30, caught her attention. She liked Keith because he was very handsome and eloquent. He wore a classy suit. His swag got her dreaming.

After Keith left she asked her dad, “Is Keith a full-time pastor?” “Oh yes he is. He is the senior pastor of a Ministry in Ikoyi, Lagos. Don’t tell me you like him. You’ve only met him – so go slow alright!” “Dad I’m grown. At 18 I know what’s good for me. Anyway, I’m not about getting involved in any romantic affair.” “Okay” Pastor Williams responded. After two weeks in the city Keisha asked her dad if she could go shopping. Her dad agreed, saying, “Do you want Sheila to go with you? You don’t really know your way around.” “I know my way round dad.” She drove her dad’s jeep alone.

But what the dad didn’t know was the fact that she has secretly met Keith thrice. She has his number. She called him. “Keith – is that you? Where can we meet? Can we meet in the same Hotel?” “Yes” Keith quickly agreed. “Where are you now?” She enquired. “At the usual Hotel,” he responded. At the hotel, they sat at the posh bar. She ordered for exquisite cocktails – it was Bloody Mary! Their lips met and they kissed albeit briefly. They ended up in the hotel suite. They had an orgasmic lovemaking session. But as they left the hotel, one man – her dad’s friend actually – saw them drive off. After the next Sunday service, the man – whose name is Kosoko – took Keisha to a corner. “Let me share something with you,” Kosoko explained. “You know it’s amazing,” he said holding her hands,” that love can be so deceptive. I have heard about men of God who pretend to love women when all they really wanted was sex. Do you know of any such pastor?” “No” she told him emphatically. “Is that what you want to tell me? I thought you had something better to say.” “What can be better than to see a pastor’s daughter going to sleep with another pastor thereby defiling the church?” “Hit the nail on the head and let’s get done with it.” “Alright since you want to be petulant I’ll give it to you straight. Keisha – at 18 – you are a bloody whore! Just yesterday you and Keith slept in a hotel room to have sex. It’s the third time in that hotel!” Her jaw dropped. “Please don’t tell my dad please. I’ll do anything for you…” “You’ll do anything for me – yes you’ll indeed do something for me. I want my pound of fresh… you will book the hotel and I, instead of Keith, will have sex with you!” “Done deal” she said. In a couple of days they had concluded the arrangement. He had his way. But he proved to be a coward. He had sex with Keisha and also told her father. They were set up. As Keith and Keisha ended up in the hotel suite, Keisha’s dad and Kosoko (the blackmailer) stormed the hotel room and found the horny duo naked in bed! Pastor Williams grabbed Keith’s throat, shouting “so this is what you are doing with my daughter? You bastard – I trusted you” “It’s not what you think”, Keith begged. “As for you Keisha I’m sending back to America, you good-for-nothing bitch!”

The hotel management team gathered. “What’s that?” the manager enquired, “there’s been so much noise out here.” “Shut up” Williams shouted. But the worst was yet to come as Keisha announced, “Arrest these men – they are robbers!” Security alert. Pastor Williams and Kosoko were arrested and taken to the police station. Keisha gave the police $2000 to keep both men detained 24 hours. In 24 hours she had cleared Williams account, sold his cars and took off with Keith to America. It was easy getting a Visa for Keith being an American citizen.

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