The grass is always greener on the other side. It momentarily reflects hope for the hopeless, re-assuring life for the despondent. Some calibre of men tend to believe that “a bird at hand is worth two in the bush”. And others believe otherwise. But it appears a plethora of men and women do not appreciate what they already possess. And this leads us to another salient question: why do some men find other women – married or single – more attractive? Are men seen here to purse anything in skirts? This unsavoury reality served as impetus for the following anguished expression: “Oh forget men. They are beasts!” That was an explosive blast from Linda, a lawyer.

One hunky man told his girlfriend: I’m divorcing my wife. We are incompatible. It’s you I love. When my wife moves out you move in”. But the wife wasn’t about moving out. She was willing to have a dogged fight to win her man back. It was going to be a fierce battle. “Since she’s adamant,” the lover girl said, “then we’ll have to kill her.” But it’s so strange that Kunle, the erring husband, only recently discovered that he and his wife were compatible. A little bird then asked, “how come he didn’t discover this early enough. Funny, very funny.”

When it comes to the highly emotional love game, men appear more daring and adventurous. It seems women can be very faithful in a relationship if the men can keep away from the love escapades of other women. The other woman is always a threat to the bona fide wife: she’s invisible yet all – powerful, attractive and domineering. The other woman syndrome has rocked several matrimonial homes due to infidelity. It takes an almost-perfect woman to snatch a husband from his wife. There are many reasons for this. Largely most married women are caught in the ugly web of complacency. They go dirty and uncaring when the babies roll in. And not many men can tolerate obese, uncaring and indolent wives. Men are captured by what they see. Which is why you see a married man appreciating pretty girls who walk by even in the presence of the wife. The wife looked very attractive when the relationship started, but she soon threw caution to the wind!

One bitter wife complained: “Why must my husband expect me to look same forever. Everybody gets old.” “That’s stupid woman talk. A man is never old. It is women who grow old. A man can marry at any age. A woman can’t.” An anonymous husband explained. But there are women who have wicked intention in marriage. One Miss Olokun told this writer: “Look you don’t have to hold a husband down with love. What you need is ‘juju’. That’s all you need. I used ‘magun’ (‘don’t climb’ in Yoruba language) on my husband. Anytime he sleeps with another woman he remains stuck to the woman. They remained glued together. Its only when I got there that I lose them from the fatal glue. Nobody told him to stop running after other women.”

Another fetish woman opined: “I’ve killed two women who were running after my husband. What I do is to warn them, and when they persist, I ensure they die!” men on the contrary are not so diabolical. “There’s no need to kill any man. There are too many women around. Once a woman is found in adultery send her packing. It will be easy to take another woman.” Do yourself a favour: kick out the other woman and other man from your life – do not die before your time through Law of Karma.


By Abraham Oti

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