Prof. Yemi Osibanjo


Very early you are up from a sleep that you barely closed an eye
Your problems have refused to reduce no matter how long you sigh
Who comes first with the troubles today, landlord or that tenant?
It appears you are in a different world, pain, problem every single day
You’re beginning to look like what your enemies said you are, useless

Fara Bale, calm down
He will prepare a table for you in their presence
Fara bale, calm down
All hope is not lost

All your class mates are now outside the country you see them only on Facebook
Did they face book more than you, today you’re even kneeling, begging for small jobs
Their parents could send them to study in Jupiter yet the government gave them scholarship
Even when you graduate no good jobs, they preserve it for their sons and friends
Off course you know their plan; rich get richer and poor people like us to remain poorer

Fara Bale, calm down
They are not God
Fara bale, calm down
Only He can give genuine wealth not man

If that uncle would give you a little push like he received you won’t be battling with suffer
But he has refused to; you might turn out better than his own, and that he doesn’t want
Even your friends, it would cost them almost nothing to help you but they won’t
They enjoy how you beg for their help all the time and call them “my boss, Chairman”
If you get yours who would flock them like helpless sheep without shepherd

Fara Bale, calm down
God gives time and chance to everyone
Fara bale, calm down
Your own is on the way!

Others will marry after few months a baby would come
Your own like that of Sarah is taking more than necessary
Behind your back they have given you names
Your mother in-law is planning to come and give you shame
You begin to wonder what you have done to God

Fara Bale, calm down
You can’t question your Maker
Fara bale, calm down
He is coming with the best wine for you

This world use to be like heaven, someone always gives you joy
Only he cares about your wellbeing, he puts smiles on your gloomy face
Foolish death has kidnapped him to a place no one can trace
If only he was here you won’t lack or live like a slave who is being punished
Oh, life has brought you to square one; your only hope has vanished!

Fara Bale, calm down
He is a father to the fatherless, husband to the widow
Fara bale, calm down
Since there is life there is a large hope, only the dead can be hopeless


Written By Kendrick Aziz Christian (facebook//kendrick Poems or Email: kendrickpoems@gmail.com)

Inspired By: PROF. YEMI OSIBANJO, (Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria)

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