Every night that fell raised him a dream; usually it’s so bright that he wakes up wanting to see a gleam. In one of such dreams, he saw a particular city, in it was built an exquisite mansion that has a golden throne and a large garage filled with fleets of trendy cars all for him.

The next night in another soothing dream he went with his kinsmen to a family that had the most beautiful girl in a faraway country and demanded for her hands in marriage, which they joyfully accepted, as the dream went on, she bore him lovely kids and he saw himself running around with them in his serene garden.

One night before sleeping he thought of how to sustain these wealth his dreams have promised when they finally come true, but he only dozed off and saw himself in a treasure room littered with bars of gold and pieces of silvers, waking up on the same bed he dozed off was not a good feeling at all, but he had no choice.

He tries everything possible to be diligent and upright like an heir to a mighty throne, he never stopped encouraging himself knowing he has a dream only his eyes has seen.

When the preacher prophesied to the congregation “you would be prosperous, your celebration tomorrow would know no end” the loudest amen is always his; he tells himself he is the one in question. He could feel his sufferings and pains unwinding today, and when tomorrow comes it would be a different story.

Once again he slept with the hope of a new dawn in sight, as usual he must have had another wonderful dream, but this one was unspeakable, indecipherable and mysterious because he couldn’t wake up to say it. He was busy facing reality; his spirit had left, while his body lay like rag waiting to be disposed in morning.

Oh tomorrow! Where have you gone, with his dreams, hope, aspirations and most importantly his riches? Future had shied away!

His spirit wandered alone on the subway. Wish he knew tomorrow would never come he would have spent today thanking God for yesterday.

Before we forget God and begin to build unnecessary castle in the air let’s stop for a moment and read or remember what was written to us in the book of James 4: 13-14. Our life indeed is a mere vapour!




By Kendrick Aziz Christian

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