Nne forgive me for all the times I have been a fool

Adolescence gave me a screen where I saw your love looking like hate

Your caring to me seemed nothing special just fate

And when you shout at me hell get loosed, I almost hated you!

Little did I know that everything you did was sacrificial, now am loving you!


Can a horse pass through a needles hole, No!

So Nne you’re a magician, how did you bring a man out of a tiny hole?

Even cows with their multiple nipples run away from breastfeeding

But you fed me all through and feeds father till date


Truly it is you I should have adored!

It is you I should have written a love letter to and not those girls

It is you I should have nicknamed my love, my world, my everything, not them!

I should have taken you to the cinema, buy you pizza and ice cream


I can’t believe I was blind to see how beautiful you are in and out

Even when you’re hurt, tears running down your cheek, you told me you’re fine

You prefer to be humiliated instead of me to be ashamed

You sold what you needed just to buy me what I wanted, oh Nne!


I joined the heartbroken to say true love never existed; it’s an insult to you Nne

You are a symbol of true love and you deserved to be loved day and night.


Written By Kendrick Aziz Christian

(facebook//kendrick Poems or Email: kendrickpoems@gmail.com)


Photo Credit: Google

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