The stars are out and bright
The moon is smiling unlike the twilight
The fragrance from the breeze is lovely even with the dust
Everyone tries to be happy like it’s a must
Even the stingiest of men gets his family gifts
The most troublesome neighbour wants to settle her rifts
The church is filled to the brim all with a touch of red
The priest receives them all especially with their bread
Everyone looking pretty like the word ‘ugly’ never exists
Gold, frankincense and myrrh like Mary no female resists

Now she confesses to love me since October
The last time she picked my calls is what I can’t remember
What difference is today to the night she said a capital no
The frowns in her face has vanished, why, I want to know
How finer have i grown within this shortest time?
Or do i now scent attractive like curry and thyme?
Oh because it’s Christmas they all want to be nice
Please help me tell them once am beaten I shy twice
The last thing I need now is a Christmas girlfriend
Especially now the economy is no one’s friend
Am so sorry maybe come back after Christmas!


By Kendrick Aziz Christian

(FACEBOOK: Kendrick Poems, EMAIL: kendrickpoems@gmail.com)

Photo: Credit: Google

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