Because you shed your blood for my sake

Tears from my eyes would no longer flow like lake

I see you want to give yourself some hope, don’t even try

If only you can see what awaits you, you won’t only cry


Nothing is left more to pay, with blood like ATM, Christ paid all

Now I am free, very free, with my head high I can stand up tall

I see your sins, like scraps in Ikoku everyday it heaps

Just like your bible said, what a man sows he reaps


Oh please, all that was before I became born again

Now am brand new, like Apostle Paul, all I lost I count gain

Like a kid your understanding of God’s word is low

Maybe I should blame your priests for the truth he refused to show


Through the journey I denied him thrice, still his love for me played like film

My heart He filled with joy, my chances no longer slim

All these baby Christians, I laugh you in Omoku dialect

So who will swallow your huge sins like a tablet?


My soul cried for a savior, like a priest

He set the table for me to dine and feast

So how does that bring back the babies you aborted?

And those you tortures with pain and subjected?


I know my transgression heaped on me like goose in the grocery

Now his righteousness is my glory

Leave all these big big English

For long you are trapped in a hook like fish


Yes am trapped like a fish in the hook

But like a fisherman my sins he took

To where, to sin town?

If the sins are gone, why do people still frown?


They frown coz they don’t know how he walked the distant mile

To make us smile, his blood he poured to free me from guile

My brother how do you think this blood works, like magic?

Blood of Jesus, blood of Jesus, yet all we see in news is tragic


Magic? This is more than magic

Even the philosophers knows the atonement is deeper than logic

In this country people even hope for a blood to save the bad economy

And it’s not even working for us, that’s the irony


Like a movie director He makes something out of nothing

Just like he turned water into wine, he gives you all you’ve been wanting



Like a mother He grooms a dumb son to an enviable SAN

Remember the journey isn’t for the swift, so give up ranting



Yes just one blood, I am fully saved by His grace

Though life seems to be a hectic race

I run with ease like a breeze

Now listen, if the blood works like you think

Nigeria won’t be in agony, shame, hunger, people dying before you wink


It works, but we must look to the cross as our role model

Looking at our problems alone has reduced us to infidel

Ok let say it works for you, what about those stealing in mile one?

And those girls at Casablanca selling their body at after one


Whether stealing in mile 1 or prostituting at Casablanca at after one,

The blood is for all who genuinely believe

And your ogboni politicians

They steal our money; blend our youths, turning them to fetishians


Whether ogboni politicians as we call them or fetishians as you call them

The blood is for all who genuinely believe

What of all these homosexuals, dirty lesbians

And married women cheating just for better ambience


Whether homosexuals, dirty lesbians or cheating couple

The bloody atonement is for all who genuinely believe

So because of that same blood, those idiots that kidnapped over 300 chibok girls

And those who bombed a full village, not minding their mothers

Can repent and say they are saved


Whether idiots, 300 chibok kidnappers or suicide bombers

The bloody atonement is for all who genuinely believe

Hmmmmmm… if you say so

Then what about me arguing God’s word blindly?


Whether you have argued blindly or open eye

The bloody atonement is for all who genuinely believes


Poem By Kendrick Aziz Christian

FACEBOOK: Kendrick Poems

EMAIL: kendrickpoems@gmail.com



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