I am a commoner, yes I am

Have got thicker skin like a clam

My mind is well prepared like a farm_

To receive every seed, but only the good must grow

I absorb pains like foam, but am flesh and blood this you must know


I am a commoner, sure I am

It doesn’t imply am a poor simpleton_

Am wealthy, my cupboard is only void of skeleton

My pocket is full of confidence, not with another man’s penny

My bed is warm, another man’s bride, a poor girls pride, you won’t find any

The priest can frown to my offerings; God will clarify him at the last venue

My diet like a 4 wheel drive is balance without chicken daily on my menu


Now you tell me, who am i?

One who don’t know which hut the looted cowries are shared?

One who seems weak for hating where innocent bloods are sheared?

He never dances for joy when his worst enemy cries rather he sobers

He hope not on roasted herbs or spirited liquids to feel high like others

He drives luxurious cars in his mind so he does no ill for those on land?

He trusts the creator to perfect everything so no need for magic wand

Like a blind man I am grateful for all I get coz i sees not the one that gives_

I might not be flashy but like a village girl am fine even with local weaves


Now I ask you again, who am i?

I am a commoner on earth, this I am glad to remain

For only commoners would be king in God’s domain



By Kendrick Aziz Christian

FACEBOOK: Kendrick Poems

EMAIL: kendrickpoems@gmail.com


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