Precious Elemuwa

Precious Elemuwa

Model’s Profile

Full Name: Precious Elemuwa

Age: 21

Birthday: 7th April

Height: 5’7

Statistics: 36’29’40’

Nationality: Nigeria

Hobbies: Dancing, Travelling & reading
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Lies
Best Food: Fried rice

Best Colour: Royal blue
Profession: Modelling
Availability: Runway, Editorials, Commercials, Billboards, Calendars, Video vixen, e.t.c

Aspiration: To become a world class model and role model


Role Model: Agbani Derego

Agency/Managers: The Nigerian Queen organization/001 entertainment

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.
Contact: 080393286380, 07062045329

TWITTER: @thenigerianqueen

INSTAGRAM: thenigerianqueenorg


Photography: FAB Photograph

Make-Up: House of Bo

Photo Directed By: FAB Photograph

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