Protocol to assist critically-ill patients will drain excess fluid in stomach

Prof. Esther Ajuluchukwu, a Professor of Vascular and General surgery says she has developed a protocol that will drain excess gastric fluid from stomach of critically ill patients to enhance their survival rate.

Ajuluchukwu, the wife of the late First Republic Politician and Veteran Journalist, Late Chief Michael Ajuluchukwu, made the disclosure during the 15th Inaugural Lecture of the Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki.

The Sub-Dean of the university’s Faculty of Clinical Medicine, said that the protocol, which had assisted in managing various difficult surgical cases is termed: Esther Ajuluchukwu Resuscitation (E.A.R) protocol.

She added that “this protocol has increased the survival rate of critically ill-patients requiring both pre-and post-operative nutritional supplementation and care.

“The protocol, adopted by many surgeons, is characterised by the principle of 3-4 Ts: which for instance, assist in draining excess gastric fluid in the stomach.

“The principle is also applied in the vein to administer drips and drugs and in the urinary bladder to drain urine.

“Initial investigations in resuscitation are done, deranged values corrected, while the work-up and optimisation of the patient are instituted; all through these principle,” she said.

Ajuluchukwu explained that wounds on healthy people heal quickly when kept clean, free of infection, while other types are more serious and require medical intervention.

She noted that “there is evidence that patients with severe protein depletion have greater incidences of post-operative complications such as pneumonia, wound infection and prolonged hospital stay.

“Healthy food choices may help with recovery by providing the energy, vitamin, mineral, protein, among other requirements necessary to promote healing.”

The Vice Chancellor of EBSU, Prof. Chigozie Ogbu, commended Ajuluchukwu for developing the protocol, saying it was a great feat in surgery and the university was proud of her.

Ogbu said “you have added value to the university’s lecture series and we pledge to add value to it through the contribution of outstanding scholars.”

Prof. Omaria Omaka, the Chairman of the university’s Distinguished Professors Forum, while inducting Ajuluchukwu into the fold, noted that the forum would gain from her vast scholarly experience.

Supreme reports that the lecture had “Introducing the E.A.R protocol; the Power of Adequate Resuscitation in Remedial Surgery” as its theme. 

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