History has it that the scourge of HIV/AIDS emanated from Kenya. Some medical researchers say that the virus was first discovered in monkeys and apes. But only one preacher announced that the HIV/AIDS scourge actually came from God as punishment to mankind for gross sexual misconduct. It is clear that we don’t have to bother anymore about the source of this deadly virus. The fact remains that millions are already victims of this virus and over a million persons have died in the process. Sexual promiscuity is rampant all over the world. Many brilliant young men and women have lost their lives in many parts of Africa – Nigeria inclusive – America, in the Latin world Asian countries, not to mention the Middle East as a result of HIV/AIDS.

AIDS victims have been ostracized from normal society. They have been black-listed from certain jobs. Societal stigma against them has created great isolation. It took intervention from international and local health NGOs to curb the ugly tide of university undergraduate expulsion from various campuses and the curtailing of the spate of non-employment of AIDS victims. The slogan “AIDS no dey show for face” has lured many more victim into the sex death trap. But, due to potent anti-Aids drugs, the scourge may not result to instant death. Now AIDS victims are no longer laughed at; instant pity now replaces mockery.

Now medical practitioners are hard-pressed when it comes to blood transfusion from one person to another. In matrimony, many pastors are asking for HIV-free test before a couple be wedded. In the mix up, several doctors are being paid to falsify the true result of blood tests.


Consequently, an HIV – infested man marries and transfers the virus to his wife. There are numerous prostitutes who are HIV positive but still go on “distributing” the deadly disease. We hear that members of a particular cult go out to “distribute” the virus on university campuses.

One man who wants to remain anonymous hinted that he almost married a prostitute. “I almost married a prostitute. She has been in this oldest profession for ten years, so I was convinced she would match my sexual energy and style. I had tried some “church girls” but they were not so sexually active. I spoke to this prostitute and she agreed to stop the trade. But my friends advised me to send her for HIV test. The result showed positive. I screamed! And to make matters worse I had slept with her. I went to the doctor. The result showed I was positive too. That’s how waited for my death.” A friend of his who tested HIV positive, said, “Man… we must all die someday. You may die from smoking or from alcoholism. A car may run into you. So death is death. One day man must die.”

Well, for those who want to live, the safest thing is to abstain. HIV is “hell”!


By Abraham Oti

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