‘Singles must avoid Social Media Pressure’ – Mary Chinda

‘Singles must avoid Social Media Pressure’ – Mary Chinda

Mary Chinda, the Convener, “Single Ladies Conference’’ has charged women to quit the stress of trying to fit into moulds or characters following social media pressures and trends.

Chinda gave the charge at the group’s 2019 conference with theme `The Vision’ in Port Harcourt.

She said that just like the eye sight, the vision, was vital to a person’s entire existence, so was the discovery of purpose for the Single Lady waiting for love and marriage.

According to Chinda, social media is a theatre stage where actors and directors make you believe what they want you to whether lies or truth.

“Frustration flips in faster when you live your life by the Gram or Facebook comments and likes. Most singles can’t even be their authentic selves anymore.

“They aren’t investing in self-discovery, in their Vision or purpose because they want to live out another person’s fake/real life on social media.

“Never get blinded, keep your eyes on The Vision, it is your compass through life,’’ she said.

According to her the number of death by suicide is on the increase among men and women especially single ladies “because of a sense of lack of direction, a lack of purpose, a lack of Vision’’.

“It is easier for our hopes to be dashed when we are blind to our purpose in life. When we lack a sense of purpose social media pressure sets in.

“The Single Lady is a voice, the single lady is powerful; she can’t afford to be blind to her vision.

“If society must be better, then we must engage this generation of ladies in self-discovery, entrepreneurship and skill orientation and quality preparation for marriage,’’ Chinda said.

Speaking also at one of the panel sessions, Chinda reminded participants that their Vision for life remained unique and more important.

Similarly a U.S-based media personality, Tina Amadi, charged the singles to make the most of the dating and waiting season.

Amadi, who is also a wellness and spiritual coach, emphasised that personal development was key to personal growth.

Also, a brand strategist in Port Harcourt, Emily Wale-Koya, charged the women to make a mine with their talents and skills by branding them.

“Inside all of you sitting here is plenty of money, but you can make it only when you brand yourself and your vision,’’ she said.

The Single Ladies Conference which started off in 2017 is a movement to empower the lady to find and fulfil her potentials while in her waiting season of marriage.

The second edition of the Single Ladies Conference has ended in Port Harcourt with several confessions of discovering their Vision and Potentials in Life.

The one-day conference featured Resource persons including top musical artists like Okafor Ijeoma Martha aka Princess IJ.

Also, Ajufoh Queen Kanuchi aka Kanuchi Kanka, Popular TV Host, Sports personalities, Pastors and Gospel Singers were also on the bill.




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