Supreme Special: Should I Care

People love to gossip

They analyze other life

Should I care?

Nothing you do they don’t criticize

Nothing will they not pick wrong

Should I care?

They are looking for means to pull down

They have forgotten, it will cost them coming down

Should I care?

They want to see you sad

They are not happy themselves

Should I care?
They are envious of other blessings

They never agree they are
Should I care?

To progress in life

Never anchor your life on others opinion

I shouldn’t care

They have their problems

You want to solve yours

I shouldn’t care

If you find God’s support

True friendship in Jesus

I shouldn’t care

You got peace like flowing river

Never see them as an enemy

Why should I care?

Gossiper and criticizer are divine instruments

They push the faithful up and higher

Why should I care?

One day they shall celebrate your victory

Whoa! They wonder at your blessings

Poem by : Olubode Olajoke

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