By Kendrick Aziz Christian




For this cause shall a man leave his parents, and shall cleave to his wife: and they shall be one flesh


This simple command has turned man to an adventurer he spends good number of his life time searching


Funny enough he has no perfect description of what he needs, though he claims to do


But like a helpless child in a garden, every fruit looks enticing to him until he tastes


Some smell nice but taste sour, so the search continues


Some don’t really taste bad and yet turns poison, acid and harmful


Why can’t a man just manage anyone, since he doesn’t create?


Thought all is wonderfully and beautifully made, so why not he closes his eyes and just pick?


The good news is finally he find that imperfect perfection


Yes the taste and smell could not be better than others but it’s best for him


And it becomes a perfect mathematics as two finally becomes one and lives happily after.

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