Vatican investigating papal Instagram like for racy Brazilian model

The Vatican’s media office on Friday said it was investigating an incident in which Pope Francis’ official Instagram account liked the picture of a scantily-clad Brazilian model.

“At least I’m going to heaven,’’ model Natalia Garibotto quipped on Twitter, posting a video showing the Instagram like from the `franciscus’ account.

The video was dated Nov. 13.

The papal like giving appreciation for an Oct.5, picture in which Garibotto showed off her backside, seemingly wearing no knickers  has since been removed.

“As far as we know, the ‘like’ does not come from the Holy See. We are examining the issue in close contact with the relevant Instagram office,’’the Vatican’s media office said in a statement.

Francis’ Instagram account was opened in March 2016, and had 7.4 million followers as at around 1 p.m (1200 GMT) on Friday.

When it was launched, the Vatican said the account was going to be managed by the social media department of the Secretariat of Communications.

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