World Culture Day: Nigerians call for protection, promotion of cultural heritage.

Some Nigerians resident in the FCT, have called on government at all levels to take responsibility by protecting and promoting Nigeria’s cultural heritage, as the World marks the 2020 Day for Cultural Diversity.

Some of the respondents, who spoke with Supreme magazine, on Thursday in Abuja, said the preservation of Nigeria’s cultural heritage was imperative if the country would completely liberate itself from the clutches of imperialism, which was clearly destroying the country’s natural values.

Mr Nnamani Ogbonna, a civil servant, said the preservation of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage such as; respect for elders, traditional marriage systems and abhorrence for gay relationships, was imperative.

“We should not allow foreign influence on our culture. Their cultures, such as indecent dressing, is not part of our culture.

“Section 21 of the Constitution puts a responsibility on federal and state governments to protect, preserve and promote Nigeria’s culture.

“Government at all levels should not forget that responsibility,” Ogbonna said.

He also called on the National Assembly to enact laws that would abolish cultures that were alien to us as a black, decent race.

He commended the National Assembly for halting plans to legalise gay relationships, which he described as alien to the Nigerian culture.

Mr James Kindness, a businessman, said that the benefits of cultural diversity could not be listed.

“In those days, women only wear beads on their waist, tie a piece of clothe to cover their breasts, and there were no issues, but today, diverse positive cultures have been imbibed.,” he added.

Mr Ola Joel, also a civil servant, advised Nigerians to appreciate and promote the country’s diverse cultures, adding that cultural diversity was significant for national growth.

Supreme magazine, reports that the World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development, is celebrated every May 21.

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