World Leukaemia Day: Lagos blood bank depleted to 20% — Foundation

An NGO, Timilehin Leukemia Foundation (TLF), on Friday said that the state of the blood bank in Lagos State was low as it had been depleted to only 20 per cent.

The Founder of TLF, Mrs Janet Oyedele, made the assertion in an interview with Newsmen at a rally by her organisation to mark the 2020 World Leukemia day.

Supreme reports that every Sept. 4 has been declared as World Leukaemia Day or World Blood Cancer Day and dedicated to the fight against the infirmity.

The theme for the 2020 day is “The Effects of Post-COVID-19 on Healthcare Especially Leukaemia Day”.

The 2020 report says that Leukaemia, a type of cancer had caused over 300,000 deaths across the world.

Oyedele said that the COVID-19 pandemic had been responsible for the increase in the demand for blood because some of the patients also require blood.

“The present state of the blood bank in Lagos State is pathetic because we only have about 20 per cent blood in the bank to cater for the increasing number of patients that need blood.

“We need not wait for the time there will be crisis before we shore up our blood bank because we already have acute shortages. Now, a pint of blood goes for N20, 000.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, Lagos State had to be putting calls to the foundations for blood because it was difficult getting people out for blood donation.

“Some of the COVID-19 patients also require blood and this made the number of patients in need of blood to increase,” she said.

Oyedele said that though Leukemia patients needed more blood than others, yet, there were many others who require urgent need for blood.

“The healthcare facilities now need blood because aside of the leukemia patients that need blood, other patients such as accident victims, pregnant women and cancer patients also need blood.

“For the leukemia patients, they need about four to five pints of blood per day, and with an average of five, that is about N100, 000 in a day, especially for those undergoing chemotherapy.

“Our target is that there should be more blood in the bank so as to save many souls that are in need of the blood.

“The government should have blood donations within the policy framework and embark on some reform for the health sector, she said.

Oyedele said that leukemia had been ranked as 13th deadliest in the list of types of cancer with high mortality rate.

“Leukemia is the 13th most common cancer with high mortality rate in the world and over 437,000 are diagnosed with leukemia every year.

“TLF is set up to create awareness about cancer and thus provide financial support for children with treatment drive and a voluntary blood donations and others.

“We are encouraging the public to join our ambassadors to drive our social media voluntary blood donor campaign initiative, #1millionvoluntaryblooddonor.

“The bank account name is Timilehin Foundation, First Bank: 20322773127 and GTB: 0264165760, she said.

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